2903402 heren Shirt 159 g/m² J.Harvest & Frost


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It has the look of a classic woven dress shirt, but indeed it is a knitted shirt. Combining the best from two worlds, makes this the world’s most comfortable good looking dress shirt. It is like wearing a t-shirt, incredible comfort. We makes this happen by using high-end double 60 compact yarn, and a soft treatment. This gives the shirt a luxurious out-view and silky touch. Also, when using high quality yarn in a knitted fabric, you get a natural non-iron performance, so you simply wash it, hang dry it and wear it. We have strong confident in this new and innovative way of making fine-shirts. And by this we are looking forward to develop more colors and patterns to the knitted program. Enjoy! heren J.Harvest & Frost

Kleur: BLAUW

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